Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saeqeh-Iran Jet Fighter

The fighter jet is "similar to the F-18 fighter jet, but it is more capable and has been manufactured domestically," the commander of the Iranian army General Attollah Salehi was quoted as saying by the state news agency IRNA. The aircraft presents some alterations in the lines, but the main alteration, consists of the existence of two vertical helms, against only one in the F-5. The installment of the aircraft will not be superior to the ones of the F-5, for the capacity to load armaments also will not be very different. However there is speculation on the capacity that this Saeghe-80 will have in terms of better maneuverability that will be conferred to it by the different lines of the tail and the body of the airplane. The double tail, in the style of American F/A-18 fighter, led to some Iranian reports that technician had constructed an airplane with identical capacities to the ones of the F/A-18, which in reality did not happen. The Saeghe, with the same number of attachment points on the wings and identical configuration, will be able to serve as attack airplane but it will hardly be able to face more sophisticated aircraft. The new design is said to show a significantly improved take-off and turning performance. Depending on the success of the test program, the Sa'eqeh could enter series production, with a digital glass cockpit and other improvements.

Shaequeh was never powered by RD-33, which is very big engine for the F-5 and woul require a redesign all tail part first. That never happened - it was just rumor.

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